How to download using SFTP in Filezilla

Want to connect and download your files using SFTP? This guide will have you downloading your files in no time!

1.) Download and install the Filezilla client (click here)

2.) Login to your seedboxco account (click here)

3.) If you have multiple services click the one you wish to access via FTP

4.) From the management menubar click the Web & FTP button

5.) Click the FTP Accounts button

6.) Click the green Config button to download your config file

7.) Open Filezilla and go to File > Import 

8.) Navigate to the downloaded sites.xml file and open it

9.) Click Ok in the import settings confirmation dialogue

10.) Click File > Site Manager...

11.) Replace the Host and Port field with the SSH Server listed under Seedbox Details on your seedbox management panel and change the Protocol to SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol

14.) Click Connect in the site manager dialogue
15.) Done! Enjoy your super secure downloading!

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Last Updated: 21/06/2017 16:34

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