How to setup Transdroid to manage your seedbox

Want to manage your torrents from your android device? Transdroid has your back! And so does this setup guide that will have you up and running in no time!

On your computer
1.) Login to your seedbox service and go to the Torrent Client panel
2.) Scroll down to the Transdroid Settings section

On your android device
1.) Open Transdroid
2.) Tap Settings in the upper right
3.) Tap Add new server under Servers
4.) Tap Add Normal, customer server
5.) Fill out the fields as follows (remember these settings are case-sensitive!)

Name - A name for your seedbox, we recommend "SeedboxCo"
Server type - rTorrent
IP or Host name "IP or Domain" from your Transdroid Settings 
User name - 
"Username" from your Transdroid Settings
Password "Password" from your Transdroid Settngs

6.) Tap Advanced Settings
7.) At the top tap Port Number and enter "Port" from your Transdroid Settings
8.) Tap SCGI mount point and enter "SCGI Folder" from your Transdroid Settings
9.) Tap Use SSL

10.) Tap back until you get to the main Transdroid screen and then tap the Transdroid logo in the center of the screen.
11.) It should successfully connect and list your active torrents!

12.) That's it, Transdroid is set up, Go you!

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Last Updated: 21/06/2017 15:56 

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