How to install an App

Did you know we have a great selection of Apps? Here's how to install them!

This guide will detail how to install an app however, most Apps may require additional/advanced setup you can find links to the respective App setup guides at the end of this article! If you're installing Plex Media Server then skip straight to the Advanced setup article (Click here)

  1. Log in to your account (click here to do that)
  2. If you have multiple services click the one you wish to install the app on
  3. From the management menubar click App Store button
  4. There will be 4 categories of apps to choose from Desktop AppsStorage AppsMedia Apps and Client Plugins 
  5. Once you've found the category you want to click on your chosen App
  6. On the App page click the Green Install button
  7. That's it! Your app will now install! Check below for any advanced setup and/or usage guides related to your app!

Please note: Installing certain Apps will cause your account to lock temporarily. This is an intentional safeguard to prevent abuse and to keep your service running optimally. See, we got your back!

Advanced App Setup/Usage Guides

Click here see the Apps section for guides aimed at advanced app setup/usage.

Still having issues? 
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Last Updated: 21/06/2017 16:31

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